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Pretend camping in the driveway!

Pretend camping in the driveway!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old stove and oven out. This new space will be for a new gas stove top and below a microwave. I decided I probably wouldn't use an oven much when camping. It will be a good excuse NOT to bake a pie!

Cork tile floor is in. Thank you Feb. 70 degree days!!!

Derald inspecting the work.

Now understand, I had the camera.  This does not mean I wasn't down on my hands and knees installing the tile too!  I WAS!!!

Tile in!!! YEAH.

Armstrong Cork vinyl tile

Furnace area

Derald is getting a center line on the blue 'padding' that goes under the tile.

floor work

filler and leveler on floors

floors sealed!

Patch work done.

Refrigerator issues.

We really want to keep this refrigerator.  But, it needs some serious tender loving care.

We will have to try our hand at repairing the interior fiberglass damage.

Freezer area

Scum found under the freezer door jam.  Yuck. PEX is in.