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Pretend camping in the driveway!

Pretend camping in the driveway!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shake down trip for summer to Augusta, MO.

Shake down trip to Augusta, MO.  Wine country!

Augusta Plein Air Event was the perfect short trip for summer.  This day we painted in Klondike Park.  I was standing in white sand next to the lake.  The reflection was blinding!

Klondike Park has a beautiful lake with white sandy beaches.

The Dogwood trees in bloom.

Parking in a back yard for the plein air event, smack dab in the middle of the little town.  Population: 200

What a sweet little spot.

Vineyards were everywhere.  The town had B & Bs, vineyards, and antique shops.  That's it.  No Wal Marts, grocery stores or drug stores.  

A private party in one of the sponsors wine cellars!  What a fantastic program they have.  We were treated royally. 

This is a lake on a private estate, where we painted one event.

Leo was our hosts dog.  He loved to visit the Airstream.  All dogs love Derald!  Leo is a 'labor doodle'.  What a sweetie pie.