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Pretend camping in the driveway!

Pretend camping in the driveway!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Shake down trip to Basswood Resort

We went to an empty parking lot to 'practice' backing up and parking.  The hub cap fell off and I saw it rolling around the lot!  Derald put it back on.

We were the one and only Airstream in the place.  Note: the silly hub cap fell off again somewhere in the ride to the park!

We were happy to get a pull through space.  It only took us about 30 mins. to hook up and get level.

One of several ponds to fish.

The ponds were side by side.  The resort has an interesting history.

This is one of many benches situated to view the ponds.  The landscaping was beautiful.

Far from roughing it, we had the perfect place to learn the tricks of hooking up the 'stinky slinky'',  leveling the trailer and all those good things.

We took a hike around the park with Woody and Jill.  They love to camp.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Upholstery Shop where Bill does his magic! 2300 NW Vivion Road, Northmoor, MO.

Bill said he really had to wrestle this 6" foam to get it in the fabric.

Upholstery is complete. WE love it. Reversible gray and burgundy.

Peggy's side!

Derald claimed this side.  This is what the twin looks like folded for a bed.

Bill did an excellent job for us.  We are thrilled with the piping on the edges.  

The Pendelton blanket is what I used for my color palette.  

And I do look comfy don't I?  Reading a CO map of course.
Bill and Derald as we are picking up the upholstery.  

Bill and Derald.

Derald on the couch.  6 inch foam baby!

Finally.....she is off the jacks!

Derald and John help unload the new axle.  It was 6 weeks late on arrival, but we were sure happy to get it.

Old axle.

New axle, arrived with a pinched wire for the brakes!

John is preparing the frame for the new axle.  There was a little unexpected size difference.


Derald being silly caressing his new axle.

John and Derald

I have NO idea what this is!  Sorry...

New axle on!

She has a new axle and tires!  Yeah.